Is Workers Compensation Same as Insurance?

Is Workers Compensation Same as Insurance?

workers compensation vs insuranceMost of the workers have big questions about their job. Will it totally safe? Will they get any accident in the middle of their work? What will they do if something bad happens to them? Well, it is a normal question to ask from workers to their company. The good company will provide the huge protection to their workers because of it just a mutualism symbiosis.

Each of them will give the huge profits to the company so that the company also has to keep them work well. If something bad or something happens to the workers and it influences their working production, as the good company, it should take any step to back the good condition of the workers.

Every people go to work to get the better life. It is not only for their family but also for themselves. Therefore, what is workers compensation and what type of compensation do the workers get?

Workers compensation is a kind of warranty or insurance that will get by the workers when they got something trouble that will hurt themselves or make them is not productive anymore. In this case, it is usually related to the high-risk working area or high stress working management. What the workers get in this kind of compensation is many. They will get the disable compensation, health compensation, life compensation, and more. Each country has its own wise related to it, but a thing you have to notice is about when the compensation can be used. As long as you are still an employee of the related company, you can get the compensation you need. Let we discuss one by one about the compensation itself.

The first is accidental compensation. You can get it when you should go anywhere, including overseas because of work taking. When you go and you get an accident, your company will give you the compensation. The amount of it is related to the severity of your accident. For some companies, they also will calculate your compensation based on the length you have been worked on that company. The second is the health compensation. No one hopes to get pain or sick, but no one can guarantee your health. Therefore, as long as you are the workers in the company, no matter where the place you get sick, especially while you do your job, you will get the compensation. The compensation usually including the medical bill compensation, hospitalized compensation, the surgery compensation, and some of the companies will provide the money substitute compensation. Since the company understands that you lost your productive time to earn much money, the company gives you the money substitute.

The last, but it is not the least because each country has its own authority and rule, is the dead compensation. No matter where you finally die, even it is in your home during your sleeping time, the company still will give you the compensation. However, it is not as many as if you die during your working time. Well, no one hopes for that, but the great company will also care about the workers’ family and life. This kind of compensation is a kind of life compensation. The company takes your role in your family as the money earner. Based on all of that compensation, not all companies will give you the whole compensation. Therefore, it is good for you to start to find the great company and the big one which already exists and have the great commitment to the workers. Make sure you become the full-time worker and not the part-time or freelance because of the compensation of it will be different. It is totally different.